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曼城華埠街坊商會  最新針對華人家庭的最新消息

曼城華埠街坊商會 <<公告>> 最新針對華人家庭的最新消息


曼城華埠街坊商會 公告 最新針對華人家庭的最新消息 (16/1/2018)

本會較早前再收到最新消息, 有華人今曰向警方舉報, 指兩名懷疑波蘭籍人士, 向某華人家庭敲門, 以找尋在屋內居住的波蘭人為藉口, 意圖進入, 而地址是一個華人家庭, 並冇任何波蘭籍人士居住。 幸好戶主機警,拒絕開門並即時報警求助。 事主指出該兩名懷疑波蘭籍人士, 只針對其住所, 並冇試圖進入其他屋苑, 明顯是針對華人的嚴重罪行。

警方事後向戶主指出, 近日經已有多宗類似事件發生, 多數住戶開門後被匪徒用刀指嚇後破門而入, 並要求户主交出銀行卡 ,密碼及資料, 並在屋內搜掠, 更有事主不肯被匪徒打傷及刀傷, 甚至殺害。

計日前本會發出之公告後, 本會就此呼籲各界華僑華人, 切勿開門給予陌生人進入。 如有人自稱是警務或公職人員等, 請要求出示身份證明, 並且立刻致電當地警署, 向警方求助。

本會呼籲各界華人華僑如不幸遇劫, 或受到滋擾, 切勿怕麻煩! 應立即向警方求助。

就日前所發生針對華人 的連環劫案及爆竊案, 本會經已發信曼城警務處, 並將於 曼城華埠街坊商會 Manchester Chinatown Business Association 之網頁,向各僑胞作出更新。


*MCTBA Public Notice – Latest Update (16/1/2018) *
On behave of the Manchester China Business Association, we are now announce this public notice to calling for all Chinese families and community members.

Our association have received the information today that a Chinese family has been targeted by a number of white individuals which using the excuse of looking for their fellow countryman as they have 『heard』 that their fellow countryman’s are living in the premises, in attempted to force their way in to a house which occupied by a Chinese family.

The MCTBA have learned that the occupants refused to open the front door and contact the local police immediately. We are now urge all the community members be vigilant, since some people has been injured and got killed by such source of incident. It indicated that the individuals was targeted the Chinese family since they didn’t go to the house next door or any premises on the street.

The Police suggested that there has been a number of reports that individuals acted suspiciously around the residential area, and unfortunately some of the occupants got badly beaten and injured by the intruders after they force their way in..

If any individuals knocks on your door. DO NOT OPEN IT. Ask who they are and if they say they are police, or from any otehr government authorities or companies, ask for their badge number, warren card and tell them you have to confirm the number then call 999 and give the police the badge numbe